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Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t I save money by using my current stick-on letters?

No, you will actually save money with a small investment in the printer because you will never have to inventory all of those letters and phrases again! You only use film as you need it, and it costs you less per letter with EasyRibbons. Most of our florists save enough money to pay for the printer in several months.

How long will one roll of gold film last?

That depends on how many feet or ribbon you print. Each roll of SuperGold film yields 164 feet of text. If your average phrase is 18” long, then you can print approximately 109 ribbons with one roll of SuperGold.

When I form-feed the printer, the film spool moves as well as the ribbon spool. Doesn’t this waste film?

Yes. If you want extra blank ribbon on each side of the text, open the top cover and release the print head from the film roll (as if you are changing the ribbon). Then you can advance the ribbon manually without wasting any film.

Does have templates already formatted for Microsoft Word and other word processing software?

Certainly... And they are free to EasyRibbons customers! Please email we will email them to you at no charge.

How much does it cost to print a ribbon script?

Roughly $.45 for a 3 foot ribbon. (SuperGold Film and #40 Smooth Polysatin Ribbon was used in making this calculation)

I already own a ribbon printer. Will your products be compatible with the printer I already own?

Our ribbons work with all thermal printers, and our film works with most others thermal printers. Contact us at to confirm compatibility.

Can I use Microsoft Notepad to create ribbon scripts?

No, you must have a full-feature word processor, such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or Open Office.

Can I print in different colors?

Yes, we have 4 colors available: SuperGold, SuperSilver, bronze and black. Additionally, it only takes about a minute to change between colors!